Our 7-Day Done For You SEO Setup For Local Business Owners

Your Dream Customers Are Searching For You. Are You Visible?

Skip the overwhelm. Our SEO setup service for local businesses can make your website easy to be discovered by search engines and your customers.

A Professional Touch for Your SEO Needs

With our service, your SEO gets the professional handling it needs, executed flawlessly within a mere seven days.

Tackle SEO With Confidence

Forget about wading through endless SEO guides or lengthy courses – we’ve got it covered.

Step Towards Better Online Visibility

Harness the power of Google and increase the likelihood of your business being discovered when customers search for your services.

Simplifying SEO For You

You've poured time and energy into your website, but the traffic isn't there yet. Traditional marketing and social media ads only get you so far.

But SEO? Can it really make a significant impact?

Absolutely! And we’re here to demystify it for you. 🚀

A Streamlined Approach to Local SEO

Our Local SEO Framework, honed over years of experience in optimizing local business websites, can help your business get discovered.

We’ve designed our service to simplify your journey to more traffic, without requiring you to grasp the technical aspects.

Get Started With Ease

The first step is often the most challenging. Let our professionals handle it. (CTA) –I NEED THIS

Our SEO Fix Service: Here’s What You Get

✔️ Done for you: Provide us with information about your business, and we’ll do the rest.

✔️ Delivered in 7 days: Transition from invisible to SEO-ready in just a week.

✔️ Managed by professionals: Our SEO experts, trained in our framework, can apply their knowledge to your business.

✔️ Transparent process: We give a full report of changes made to your site, so you know exactly what we’ve done.

Leave the SEO Stress Behind

Getting SEO right the first time means you won’t have to worry about it again.

Here's How It Works


Fill out a form to book your SEO Fix service.


An SEO Associate will get to work optimizing your website.


In just a week, your SEO foundation will be laid.

We'll then provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the changes we made and suggested next steps!

Your SEO Fix Package Includes

✔️ Keyword Research:  Uncover what your ideal clients are searching for online.

✔️ Homepage Optimization:  Align your website with your most important keywords.

✔️ SEO Titles and Descriptions for Three Major Pages:  Optimize key pages to get found for more than just one keyword.

✔️ Blog Post Optimization:  Increase visibility for the valuable content you’ve created.

✔️ Resolution of Major Technical Issues:  Ensure unseen technical problems aren’t standing in your way.

✔️ Sitemap Submission to Google Search Console:  We’ll ensure Google has your entire site ready for indexing.

✔️ Post-project SEO Support for Seven Days:  Get answers to all your SEO-related queries.

Bonus Add-ons

✓ Google My Business Optimization Guide:  Detailed instructions on optimizing your Google My Business listing

✓ Blog Post Topic Suggestions:  Ideas to ensure you’re writing about things your audience cares about.

✓ Backlink Building Ideas:  Suggestions on gaining backlinks to enhance your online authority.

✓ Access to Local SEO Class Videos:  A chance to learn more about SEO at your own pace.

Get all this for a one-time cost. Say goodbye to long-term contracts and ongoing fees!

Isn't it time you take control of your business's SEO

Start the journey today. We're here to help.

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